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District 84 provides a device to use as a tool for learning to every student in kindergarten through 8th grade.

  • Kindergartners and first-graders are assigned iPads. iPads are ideal for this age level because they are sized for small hands and the interactivity means students develop fine motor skills while learning.  

  • Second-grade students receive touch-screen Chromebooks. This allows for interactivity while introducing students to the keyboard and Chrome.

  • Third- thru eighth-grade students receive Chromebooks that are designed for durability to ensure the life-span of the device for both in school and at home use.

Devices are refreshed every three years. Students receive their first take-home Chromebook in second-grade which is collected at the end of the school year and redistributed at the start of each school year. In sixth grade, students receive a new Chromebook which is collected at the end of the school year and redistributed at the start of each school year until graduation.

Upon distribution of the Chromebooks at the start of the year, students learn/review device use and expectations, then sign an agreement which affirms that they understand and will follow the expectations. Parents must also sign an understanding of at-home expectations before students are permitted to bring the device home.  Learn more about device expectations by clicking on the links below.

Take Home Agreement - English   Española 

There is no technology fee for use of the Chromebooks, however, the district strongly recommends that parents purchase insurance every year in order to avoid unexpected repair or replacement fees. Learn more about purchasing Chromebook insurance by clicking on the links below.

Chromebook Insurance - English   Española  Purchase Online Here

District 84 is participating in T-Mobile's Empower Ed Program in order to provide off-campus internet access to students who have no or unreliable access to the internet outside of school. Learn more about applying to the program by clicking the links below.

Off-campus Internet Application -  English   Española 

If you have any questions regarding District 84's 1:1 program, contact Taneesha A. Thomas, Director of Instructional Technology at

Occasionally the systems we use have technical difficulties, and experience outages.  Here are some links to check the status of those systems:

PowerSchool Status
Classlink Status
Google Status
Zoom Status
Securly Status
Saavas EasyBridge Status