One-Call-Now Information
To provide prompt notification of emergencies and events, School District 84 uses a service called One Call Now to send out voice and email notices.  Voice notices are sent to the main home telephone number and to the father and /or mother cell phone numbers.  The telephone numbers and up to three email addresses will be stored in our student information system based on what you have submitted to us.  Please help us keep that information up to date by contacting your school with any updates.

Please listen carefully to these messages.  If you see the school telephone number and missed the message you may retrieve your message by following these steps:

1.  Dial 877-698-3261.  You will hear the prompt "To listen to your Group's latest message, press 1."
If the phone number from which you are calling is not the phone where you normally receive messages, you will be prompted to enter the phone number which does receive messages.

2.  You will hear a prompt informing you of the most recent message.  At the prompt, press 1 to listen to this most recent message.  To listen to a prior message, press 2.

3.  The message is played for you.  Listen to the entire message.  If the sender requested an answer or response to a question in the message, enter your response.  The sender will be able to see what you entered in a report!

If you would like to "opt-out" you are able to do that in the following ways:

1.  When you receive a voice message, simply press the * key to opt out.

2.  Text the word STOP to 22300

3.  Visit to have your number removed from receiving messages.