District 84 Educational Foundation

The Franklin Park School District 84 Educational Foundation
was founded in 2003.  
The Board consists of all volunteers and
we continue to meet our goals by donations only. 
We have a few
fundraisers each year so that we can continue to meet our goals. 

Following is a list of our goals, our board members and information
for donating.
 Our Goals:
  • To provide a continuing organization to preserve and enhance the educational opportunities for students residing in Franklin Park School District 84.
  • To provide financial support for improved facilities, new educational programs, and other worthwhile projects and activities consistent with the preservation and enhancement for educational opportunities.
  • To broaden community support for public education in Franklin Park School District 84 by sponsoring fund raising events and school-community activities.
  • To make grant allocations on the basis of high priority needs identified by Franklin Par School District 84.  For example:  Projects sponsored by District 84 teachers, enrichment opportunities and supplemental classroom materials.
  • To develop links among business, government, and civic organizations which will enhance community support of the programs and activities of students served by Franklin Park School District 84.
Educational Foundation
Board of Directors
Larry Passow, Honorary Chairman
Carole Konetzki, President
Suzanne Kosten, Vice President
Maria Laskowski, Secretary
David Lukas, Treasurer
Laura Dahl
Jodi Facchini
Sherry Petersen
Lynn Poepp
Valerie Snyder

The Foundation cannot replace state aid or local tax funding, so monies collected cannot become part of the school district budget.  Our organization is an autonomous entity with its own bylaws and tax exempt status.

If you are interested in donating, please contact Terri Fisher, 2915 Maple Street, Franklin Park, IL 60131 or tfisher@d84.org.